Friday, May 30, 2008

gown friday!

a wedding gown trend that is all over the place is the one shoulder dress. i really like the one shoulder dress because it shows off your collar bone like a strapless gown does, but it's not so average looking. it just adds just enough to your look to make you the envy of your guests and wow your husband-to-be. my personal favorite is the vera wang gown above. absolutely fabulous as always!

vera wang & oscar de la renta

priscilla of boston

romona keveza

marchesa gown, narcisco rodriguez, and elizabeth fillmore

peter langner

Thursday, May 29, 2008

shoe shine

hello ladies and welcome to some good old fashioned eye candy :) i say go with metallic, shimmer, silver, gold, blush colored heels. add a little (or a lot) of sparkle and shine. my fav? the metallic basketweave chloe heel--a modern vintage feel. love it!

and yes, it's kind of like, "one of these is not like the other"...but i just LOVE this heel so i had to put it in. the blush hue is beautiful, subtle, and oh so feminine. wear this with your wedding dress, but something more fun would be your getaway dress when you exit your party!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

creamsicle, deep purple, & green

option 2:

raspberry ice cubes--maria mcbride events
purple table
creamy orange
wedding invitation--ceci new york
orange dress--jcrew
oranges and parasols--instyle weddings
green topiary name card holder--project wedding

creamsicle, green, & black

option 1:

lola wedding invitation--studio olivine
vintage table linen--mosaic
hanging candles & orange tie--project wedding
orange & pink dinks--martha stewart
beautiful orange
chic grass name card holder--project wedding
green topairy ball--project wedding

reader question: creamsicle and what??

today i received a reader request for help! her sister is due to get engaged at any time now, as the family ring is being passed down in the next couple of weeks to her boyfriend, and she is in need of some wedding inspiration. she doesn't like cake and wants to have a tower of creamsicle ice cream cups instead--love it!!! as that is the main inspiration for the wedding, she would like creamsicle orange, a pale purple, and bright green for the color palette.

so with that in mind i have come up with a couple of ideas:

1. i love the creativity of the creamsicle cups! i think this is exactly what brides need to do. think beyond what tradition "says" and go with what you like. if you don't like cake, who cares!! not only will your guest appreciate the touch of personality, but you will be able to enjoy a day that is full of pieces of you!

2. the creamsicle, purple, and green combination is good, but i would like you to pick just two main colors. by doing that you can concentrate your color pallet in a specific direction and not have to worry about incorporating too many color options. if you still want all of those colors, just accent with small touches of another color.

3. you may add in different shades and variations of a specific color to add depth. for example, with the creamsicle, add in a bright orange and a deep orange, even a little bit of a orange/pink. do this in your bouquets or table settings or even your bridesmaid dresses.

4. with two colors i would make sure if you are going with a creamy orange as a main color to go BOLD with another. this will keep your wedding day from looking slightly washed out. don't be afraid of color!

Anybody out there have any suggestions for our reader??

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chic Elegance

good morning and happy monday...mmm...actually tuesday! i'm a little slow this morning--it hard to get back into real life after the break! but i hope you all had a great weekend. here is an inspiration board that i just love. i initially found this image of the dress on what junebug loves blog (one of my favorite wedding blogs!!) and i just had to create with it!

fashion image--chris nicolls--what junebug loves blog
zebra print heel--malano blahnik
zebra print clutch--jimmy choo
zebra print tray--the macbeth collection
table setting--martha stewart
lit ceremony--artfool
white chair
zebra print girls dress--d&g

Friday, May 23, 2008

gown friday!

okay not only is it almost the three-day weekend (ya!), but i am seriously just as excited for this wedding gown collection as i am for the pucci spring 2009 collection!!! i was so excited when i was putting this together on thursday that i almost posted it then and there because i just couldn't wait--and here it is.
i am in love with basically every single dress from the collection i found on, but i had to narrow it down to just a few so i didn't overwhelm you readers!
details. details! details!! it's all in the details and st. pucci is nothing but the details--rich embellishments, intricate hand embroidery;
designs that transcend the latest trend and delve into the handcrafted elegance of old world charm and feminine silhouettes every woman dreams of. absolutely gorgeous.
have a fantastic weekend and i will see you on tuesday!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the great outdoors II

okay, so your rehearsal party is all outfitted with gorgeous decor and enticing summer food, now you need to announce your chic outdoor evening. try some of these party invitations from elum. such unique and creative modern designs that can be tailored to any event--use your invites to set the mood for your family and friends--though some of these are wedding invitations themselves, use the creativity of the design to add your own fun details for the night: a menu, themed attire, personalized note card for the guests, directions, and even a schedule of events for the up coming wedding day or weekend to follow.

the great outdoors

good morning all! i thought it might be nice to show some fun ideas for an outdoor, and at home rehearsal dinner. i am blessed to have in-laws who prepared my husband and me a wonderful dinner party on their deck in multnomah village for our rehearsal dinner. it was a gorgeous summer night as we were surrounded by overgrown trees lit with lanterns and candles on each of the tables, and fantastic grilled food by my father-in-law--the night was filled with easy conversation and longtime family and friends--
surprisingly, it was just what we needed before our big day the next evening.
i found some summer menus that could go perfectly with an outdoor setting too. so rather than trying to create a personalized setting in a stuffy restaurant, take advantage of the weather and try a chic dinner party at home!

umbrella--ballard designs
drink dispensers, lanterns, & outdoor table settings--pottery barn
pink paper lanterns--estilo weddings
cushions, outdoor colorful trays, & wooden candle holders--west elm
bbq condiment set--pottery barn
flatware carrier--the macbeth collection

citrus grilled chicken

a fresh take on a backyard favorite

pancetta cheeseburgers
tex-mex fish tacos

*all recipes courtesy of

Monday, May 19, 2008

the essentials

i was reading my new real simple magazine saturday morning, in the beautiful weather, ya!!, and i found this too cute website ms. & mrs. they have great little "essentials" kits for the bride and her wedding day, the bridesmaid, and even the groom. equipped with everything from hairpins to antacid, toothpaste to earring backs! fun shower gifts and a creative, chic way to make your day go a little more carefree when those unexpected emergencies pop up!

check this one out: shemergency survival kit! fabulous! for all of those fashion blunders and unpredicted personal care mishaps we face when our best girl friend is not around--this is a kit to move you in the right direction--there is even stain and static remover! love it

Friday, May 16, 2008

Gown Friday

i guess vera wang doesn't really need any introduction, does she :)
have a wonderful weekend and see you on monday!!