Wednesday, May 28, 2008

reader question: creamsicle and what??

today i received a reader request for help! her sister is due to get engaged at any time now, as the family ring is being passed down in the next couple of weeks to her boyfriend, and she is in need of some wedding inspiration. she doesn't like cake and wants to have a tower of creamsicle ice cream cups instead--love it!!! as that is the main inspiration for the wedding, she would like creamsicle orange, a pale purple, and bright green for the color palette.

so with that in mind i have come up with a couple of ideas:

1. i love the creativity of the creamsicle cups! i think this is exactly what brides need to do. think beyond what tradition "says" and go with what you like. if you don't like cake, who cares!! not only will your guest appreciate the touch of personality, but you will be able to enjoy a day that is full of pieces of you!

2. the creamsicle, purple, and green combination is good, but i would like you to pick just two main colors. by doing that you can concentrate your color pallet in a specific direction and not have to worry about incorporating too many color options. if you still want all of those colors, just accent with small touches of another color.

3. you may add in different shades and variations of a specific color to add depth. for example, with the creamsicle, add in a bright orange and a deep orange, even a little bit of a orange/pink. do this in your bouquets or table settings or even your bridesmaid dresses.

4. with two colors i would make sure if you are going with a creamy orange as a main color to go BOLD with another. this will keep your wedding day from looking slightly washed out. don't be afraid of color!

Anybody out there have any suggestions for our reader??

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ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

here's a fun combo of the creamy orange with emerald green.