Monday, May 19, 2008

the essentials

i was reading my new real simple magazine saturday morning, in the beautiful weather, ya!!, and i found this too cute website ms. & mrs. they have great little "essentials" kits for the bride and her wedding day, the bridesmaid, and even the groom. equipped with everything from hairpins to antacid, toothpaste to earring backs! fun shower gifts and a creative, chic way to make your day go a little more carefree when those unexpected emergencies pop up!

check this one out: shemergency survival kit! fabulous! for all of those fashion blunders and unpredicted personal care mishaps we face when our best girl friend is not around--this is a kit to move you in the right direction--there is even stain and static remover! love it

1 comment:

Madelyn @ Southern Wedding Style said...

What a great find! Such a perfect little gift for the day of the wedding! I love your blog!