Tuesday, August 12, 2008

soul mates photography

since we are talking about invitation ideas, check this one out. i have just recently met a wonderful photographer and fantastic person, melissa tomeoni, who is the creative eye and designer of soul mates photography here in portland. and during our great cup of coffee (well, her coffee because i am prego and can't have it!!) she showed me this invite. i absolutely LOVE this idea. this couple took their engagement photos and made a colorful tri-fold invite for their guests, including the cutest postcard of themselves for a rsvp! i think this is a wonderful idea for couples to introduce themselves and show off their personalities to their family and friends--especially if you have a spouse-to-be who is not so familiar to everyone coming to your wedding.
melissa also sent me some of their engagement shots that help create their invitation look. thank you so much melissa!!! we shall see more of her and soul mates photography soon!