Monday, August 18, 2008

reader question

oh talk about a late start! oh man. but i wanted to get this one in before the end of the day. i have a reader question from nancy and would love to enlist the help of all our weddings fresh readers. and just for some general direction, i have shown an overhead shot of the location of her wedding at gordon lodge--absolutely fabulous. if anyone out there is near baileys harbor, wi you should check this place out! here goes:

I am in the midst of planning my wedding (June
6th 2009) and all I have is a location and swatch of fabric for an
inspiration board. I was wondering if you or your readers could help
me with a couple things.

First, I'm looking for a red dress for my bridesmaids. I'd like to
find a cocktail dress that doesn't look like a typical bridesmaid
dress - just something classy for a Saturday afternoon outdoors

I am also trying to figure out what my tables will look like. I
really like different tones of yellow together, with accents of red,
green and light blue [...] The ceremony will be
outside on the shore of Lake Michigan, and the reception will be in a
sunny room on the shore as well (Gordon Lodge, Baileys Harbor, WI).

I guess I just don't know how to go forward in the general design.
What's the next step? Any suggestions?


okay ladies, you have anything for nancy? color pallets, bridesmaid direction, tablescape ideas; whatever you got we would love to hear it!


Nancy said...

Wow- Thanks Dani for posting my question. You asked about the general feel I'm going for, and all I can think of is early summer at the lake. Colorful, casual and fun.

Homewrecker said...

Hi Nancy, this is your enlisted bridesmaid Liz. Remember me? I was at the zoo this weekend and saw a fighting fish - you know like that colorful little guy you had in that vase in college? My boyfriend told me that he went to a wedding once that had those in little bowls as table decorations. Cool idea, right? Then you just have to talk guests into taking them home I guess. I told the boyfriend that we'd do that at our wedding, but since that may be awhile, I'll pass the suggestion on to you. Then when I do it at my wedding and someone says, "You stole that idea from Nancy," I'll say, no look at this blog. Proof.