Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marit Hanson Weddings

today i would like to "officially" introduce you to marit hanson weddings. i have eyed her work long ago and featured her designs for some unique save the date ideas, but thankfully yesterday i got in contact with her and have some more to share!!

my personal favorite are these first two; they are actually two options of a single design she created for a client. the bride and groom were married at a country club, and without going "cheesy matchy" marit decided to incorporate the "polka dots" on the golf ball for in the invitation. i love it! wonderfully simple, but as always with style and creativity.


anne said...
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Anonymous said...

YEAH! We used/are using Marit (in fact ours are the last pic) and she has been great to work with. Very easy, accessible and totally open to new ideas.