Tuesday, June 24, 2008

edith meyers cakes

i was checking out some edith meyers' cake blog yesterday and check this cake out above...can you guess how she got that toasted marshmellow look to it?? yep, you're right, a blow torch! fabulous! she even has a little pic of her in the process on her blog--and i think the best part is what's inside: each tier includes several layers of fresh organic bananas or strawberries, between layers of chocolate/hazelnut and whipped cream/strawberry combinations. to die for! below are some more examples of edith's wonderful work.


Michele said...

Cake!!!! 8:30am sounds so good in a funny way. Man they look great too!!!

Laura E @ Southern Wedding said...

The best part of wedding planner has to be picking out the cake! Love all of them and want to try all of them!