Monday, May 12, 2008

navy, navy, and more navy

i oh so love navy blue--in fact i just love blue, but navy blue is just so crisp and clean looking with basically anything. i realized the other day i have about 5 new items of clothing for this spring and they are either navy blue or white...and i found i have 4 pairs of pants in navy blue...i perhaps need to branch out! so here is my first board with navy blue and i haven chosen the navy and white as the two main colors and wanted to put in a collage of beautifully bright colors to be perfectly hinted in. i love this! stay tuned today for more navy blue inspiration boards!! enjoy your monday.

j crew dress

j crew shoes

wood flares

melissa sweet wedding gown


lantern i & macaroon image--sweet paul

navy blue chair tie--bbj linens

bouquet from instyle weddings

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