Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BBJ Linens

i am so excited about this website! this is one of the best fine linen rental websites i've ever come across. bbj linens has an excellent and grand inventory of fine linens, in all different colors and fabrics, including: chair covers, chair ties, napkins, table runners, and a wonderful couture line that is custom designed for their most exclusive clientele. but one of the most exciting parts of their website is the interactive "design center" where they feature their new designs or you can create your own look. it is so fun! i put together a couple of my own--obviously inspired by the orange and greens...why? ...i'm not sure. it's just so luxurious and glamours. bbj linens also has a great photo gallery to look at events they have so masterfully created. i have shown some of those as well. love it! check it out. their locations are all over the country--the seattle branch services the portland area.

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