Friday, March 28, 2008

The Ultimate Bridesmaid Dress

okay, listen, we all have horrific tales to tell of the bridesmaid dress: awful, cheap fabric, a neckline that spills your chest out onto the front row of the church during the ceremony, and not to mention the ample amount of bows & tulle that seem to have no purpose other than to make the bride look that much better than anyone else around her. even movies have been made because of this crazy cultural phenomenon. i don't need to go into the gory details. with that said, don't be the bride who carries on that tradition of making your bridesmaids wear a dress that accentuates everything BUT what is attractive on their bodies! check this out: twobirds bridesmaid dresses. they have created a dream dress that can be wrapped and shaped into at least 10 different styles (ALL THE SAME DRESS), and add to that all the fabulous colors that it comes in, it is the perfect fit for the black tie affair as well as the chic outdoor garden wedding!

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Jessica said...

That is the COOLEST dress EVER!! Man, where was that 9 years ago when I got married...because I've got one of those bridesmaid dress stories!! Bummer...Well, I guess Ben and I should get married again! :)