Wednesday, March 12, 2008

St. Cupcake

Cupcake craze! How much do we all love cupcakes and now that it seems artists are able to put more into and on top of a cupcake than we ever dreamed possible. And for us it’s a perfect spin on a the traditional wedding cake. Flavors, colors, and designs galore, our very own St. Cupcake in Portland, Oregon was just featured on as crafting one of the nations BEST cupcakes: The Fat Elvis, sweet banana and chocolate chip cake, smeared with peanut butter fudge frosting and topped with a fried banana chip (oh my goodness—to die for!). But of course if banana is not your cup of tea, then they have many others available, including: vanilla-toffee with chocolate buttercream, toasted coconut cream (this is my personal favorite), chai tea with cinnamon cream cheese icing, and a cookies & “cream” cupcake that is also dairy-free. St. Cupcake offers special pricing, cake stands, cake toppers, and consultations for weddings.
Cupcakes starting from the top were found at:
Decadence Wedding Cakes

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