Saturday, March 22, 2008

Portland Cakes

Joseph's Dessert Company
Featured in this season's Portland Bride & Groom, Joseph's Dessert Company has an impeccable quality to its cake creations. Using only the best ingredients and an old world charm, they can craft anything to your liking: petit fours, individual desserts, celebration cakes, and of course your choice wedding cake.

Papa Haydn
Known throughout the state for its supreme dessert decadence and quality, Papa Haydn’s wedding cakes are nothing short of their unsurpassed excellence. They offer an array of designs and personal touches, to complete a masterpiece you can call your own. These are absolutely wonderful cakes!

Located in Beaverton, this small bakery is catching the eye of many Portland brides. Featured in this season’s Portland Bride & Groom, The Dessert Tray offers unique and whimsical designs, as well as the traditional wedding cake. Their desserts are offered at your local specialty food market, such as Zupan's Markets, New Seasons Market, and Wild Oats, but you can visit them online as well. Check just a few of their cakes out here:

Dream Cakes
Judy Reese spent 20 years as a pastry chef and while she was in New York mastered the coveted art of gum paste flower creation--this allows for your personal tastes and imaginative desires to come through her ability to design almost anything! She has many flavors to choose from, including these popular choices: white buttermilk cake with lemon curd filling and fresh blueberries, dark chocolate with dark chocolate ganache and fresh whole raspberries, and orange poppy seed with white chocolate butter cream and sliced fresh blackberries. Her website showcases many of her cakes and gives her pricing. But here is a quick look at some of her fabulous Dream Cakes:


Stacey said...

We checked out joseph's for our wedding! I loved that cake with the green ribbon across the bottom of each layer. He makes some amazint stuff!!! But alas, we went with Helen Burkhart's. We were VERY happy with our cake !!

Mary Lou said...

The Dessert Tray is WONDERFUL! Due to some unforseen circumstances, we had to find a cake on very short notice....try two days before the wedding! The cake was SUPERB as was the service! We cannot say enough good things about them!

disa said...