Thursday, March 13, 2008


I just love Merimekko fabrics! Marimekko is a wonderful Finnish design company that features clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and plenty other accessories in fabulous modern and bold prints. Since tablecloths, napkins, and drapery all seem to be hard to come by and extremely expensive if they are not in the staple colors: black, white, and pepto-bismol pink (eeeww!); purchasing your own fabric and having these items made or even doing them yourself is a great alternative. Plus, no one wants the same old "wedding decor" done over and over again--Merimekko definitely makes it possible for you to be one of a kind! I actually found these swatches at Saga Living--many of their fabrics go on sale.
I am going on vacation tomorrow and will be back next Saturday before Easter, so I am not sure when my next post will be. But have a wonderful weekend and week--see you soon!

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